Goni Zilberman

Goni is a Graduate of the Directors program at Sam Spiegel film and Television School, Jerusalem. 

Goni was part of the leading team of various change-making initiatives in Israel and Palestine, including "Mideast Nonviolent communication" international trainings and the EcoME center.

Her first short film "Tunnels" premiered at Adana Film Festival in Turkey. She was the editor of a short documentary about human rights in birth presented at the First Israeli Conference of Human Rights in Births and has independently created two documentaries on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Before she began her career in filmmaking, Goni worked as a journalist for 3 years, was an intern at "Just Vision" (Washington, DC), and  a fellow of the Israeli Palestinian program "New Story Leadership for the Middle East" (Washington DC).


Astar has been involved for the past 7 years in social- educational changemaking work as well as
Starting in 2012 until today, Astar is part of the producers program at Sam Spiegel Film School
(class of '18), where she produced a nember of successful short films.
Astar is the main Line producer at the project Jerusalem Film Workshop,
initiated by Green Productions, producing a six-week documentary workshop for twenty film students from all around the world, who came to make short films about Jerusalem.
She is currently the producer of "Beyond the Land" as well as a film dealing with perpetrators of
sexual abuse.

Talia Barrett

Talia Barrett began her filmmaking career working as a freelance location manager in New York City, and as a co-producer on Zbigniew Bzymek’s UTOPIANS, which premiered at the 2011 Berlin International Film Festival. Since making the transition to post-production, Talia has edited several award-winning short and feature length films. Highlights include her editorial debut on Sam Fleischner’s STAND CLEAR OF THE CLOSING DOORS, which won the Special Jury prize at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and was picked up by Oscilloscope Laboratories.  And Carleton Ranney's dystopian thriller JACKRABBIT, which premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. She recently completed her certification in Restorative Justice Circle Keeping from Kay Pranis and Planning Change. 

Greta Tattelman Parnes
Campaign Manager

Greta Tattelman Parnes is a graduate of Yale University (Class of '14) and has been a part of the EcoME community since 2015, living as a member of the holding team for the last two seasons. Greta has worked at Ramapo for Children, a camp for children with special needs, since 2008, and as a management assistant at a Broadway production company, a research assistant, and a lifeguard.

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